MISCREANCE release music video “The Garden”

PHOTO: Alice Siega
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After kicking up dust on their European tour, the Italian old school death metal stalwarts MISCREANCE are now ready to release their full album “Convergence”!

MISCREANCE comments:“Where the darkest of energy once reigned, a small glimpse of light seemed to made the nebulae converge into a unspeakable form of life. “Convergence” is a 31-minute long odissey that narrates how the Miscreance microcosm was born when atoms were still floating into the nothingness, twisting and turning into the evolution process like in its songs structures and giving the world (and beyond) the ultimate experience in Technical Thrash/Death Metal. Prepare for a voyage at the edge of reality that will make your brain cells implode!”

Though many have tried, few bands have successfully replicated the mind-bending technical death metal formula that was established during the genre’s advent by the Godfathers of DEATH. That is until Italy’s Miscreance entered the ring in 2022 with its debut full-length, ‘Convergence.’ Unlike tech death contemporaries who are known for speed and extremity, Miscreance artistry lies within its carefully executed precision, underscoring the focused discipline behind the music’s eloquent complexities.

Miscreance is a project reborn from the ashes of Atomic Massacre. As the former band’s members decided to change the course of their stylistic direction, they felt it was time for a rebirth, changing the name as well. In 2018, the band released its first demo, ‘From Awareness to Creation,’ which was originally co-produced by Red Wine Rites records in Switzerland and limited strictly to 100 copies.

Shortly after the demo release, the band ceased their search for a singer upon realizing that drummer Andrea F. was exactly what they were looking for, so they exhumed three songs from the pre-demo era and recorded a split with death metal grind-crushers Vile Apparition (AUS), released in late 2021.

In 2022, Miscreance made its debut with its first full-length, ‘Convergence,’ which took almost five years to complete. The offering quickly garnered the attention of Season of Mist, who formed a union with the emerging band and is now reissuing the full-length for worldwide distribution as the old school tech death revivalists prepare to unleash a sophomore offering onto the masses.

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