Terms of Use of LRMA resources

Initial conditions of use of LRMA.lv which, together with the undermentioned, are considered to be compatible with each other and to be complementary and valid for users who use the page in any way.

If the original rules (1) conflict with the other rules (2) (any text from “Commenting Rules” and down), the other rules are considered to be more correct and clearly defined.

Initial rules (1):

the rules for the use of the lrma.lv portal www.lrma.lv prescribe the conditions for the use of the services available on the lrma.lv portal, conditions, restrictions that are binding on all its users, as well as sanctions in case of non-compliance with these Regulations.

the lrma.lv portal offers a wide range of content and services to all Internet users, including services such as access to the latest and most up-to-date news and thematic articles, the opportunity to participate in discussions and comments on published news and articles, free exchange of information, use of the archive of published materials, obtaining directory information, watching video plots and clips, radio and music materials listening, etc. services.

Any Internet user shall be entitled to the Internet services referred to in these lrma.lv portal rules, provided that the rights of others are not affected.

lrma.lv reserves the right to modify the terms of use of the lrma.lv portal by publishing it to the following Internet address: http://www.lrma.lv. Internet users have an obligation to meet and comply with the conditions for use of the lrma.lv portal.

lrma.lv calls on Internet users – readers of the portal, when writing comments on published articles and news, to respect the norms of morality, ethics and decency, not to incite violence, hatred or discrimination, not to disseminate personal dignity and honour information, not to hide behind another person’s name, to do non-aligned advertising. In the event that the commenter fails to comply with the above provisions, his or her comment may be deleted and the lrma.lv has the right to inform the supervisory authorities of possible infringements of the law.

lrma.lv Internet users are aware that the lrma.lv portal is a world data web and mass media, and therefore, when sending or publishing any kind of information, including intellectual property objects, on the portal lrma.lv, this information is not subject to the provisions of the Copyright Act. The lrma.lv portal has the right to use and publish the information submitted by adding the author’s name, if any. shown. The sending of information shall not have the right to request any compensation from the author or other from the lrma.lv for the use of the information submitted to the portal. The Internet user shall be responsible for any activity on the lrma.lv portal if it infringes or infringes copyright acquired by others.

the lrma.lv portal does not assume any responsibility for the user’s re-published information from other materials.

Any republishing of materials published on the lrma.lv portal is categorically prohibited without the permission of the lrma.lv portal.

lrma.lv portal users can only use content insertion services for non-commercial purposes.

The material insert in the lrma.lv portal confirmed by the fact that it is the author of the inserted material or that it has the necessary author’s permission to insert materials.

users of the lrma.lv portal undertake not to place materials that do not comply with regulatory enactments and generally accepted norms of morality and ethics in society (e.g. materials of pornographic content, materials containing violence, materials that advocate the use of alcohol, drugs, etc.). It is prohibited to place materials for advertising or commercial purposes.

the user of the lrma.lv portal who has placed the materials shall be responsible for the claims of persons represented in the materials regarding the insertion of materials and claims relating to copyright and related rights violations.

the lrma.lv portal reserves the right to delete materials in the portal if necessary without prior notice.

lrma.lv shall not be liable for damages if the files inserted by the user on the lrma.lv portal are deleted or partially damaged as a result of the inadvertent operation of the lrma.lv or in the event of malicious or unlawful conduct by third parties.

Other provisions (2):

Commenting Rules


THE association regards the possibility of commenting on the Internet as an expression of democracy and comments as one of the opportunities for society to debate freely on different topics. Commenting does not count as a journalism action and the comments published in it are the views expressed by readers whose content only they are responsible for.

1.1. When allowing commenting, the author of the comment must take into account that:

1.1.1 comments containing profanity are deleted in the commenting environment; fuels war, hatred between nationalities and races; urges the use of narcotics and weapons, the removal or transfer of state power, or physical accounting for individuals; spreads lies or unjustifiably abuses others;

1.1.2 A comment which does not correspond to good commenting practice shall be deleted within a reasonable time after receipt of a relevant report;

1.1.3 upon the request of a court or other law enforcement authority all stored information which is not relevant to good commenting practices shall be issued;

1.1.4 Other methods of limiting inappropriate comments (name filters, re-blocking of IP-addressees for infringers, reporting to law enforcement authorities) are also applicable.

1.2. By expressing his or her views, by sending statements and other information to the portals of the Society “LRMA”, the author shall at the same time transfer the right to make them public (the property rights of the author).

1.3. By publishing a comment, the author has given permission to process personal information that reveals his race, ethnic origin, political, religious or philosophical beliefs, or membership of a trade union, genetic data, biometric data for the re-identification of a natural person, medical data or data on the sexual orientation of a natural person, if specified in the author’s comment.

1.4. Any work published through THE “LRMA” portal shall not be remunerated unless otherwise agreed by the parties.

1.5. The association “LRMA” shall ensure the confidentiality of commentators (including the contact address), except where the transfer of personal data to a third party (including at the request of the court or other law enforcement authorities) is necessary for the fulfilment of the legal obligations of the association “LRMA” and where the commentator has given the association “LRMA” ‘s consent to transfer his personal data further. (informing the recipient about winning different games, delivering orders).

1.6. The “LRMA” association is allowed to comment on portals anonymously or by authorizations (the user may also carry out his or her identification with the specified options on the webpage).

1.7. The “LRMA” association guarantees the preservation of anonymity of its potential news informants in accordance with good journalism practices and regulatory enactments.

General rules of use

Materials published by THE association “LRMA” in the Internet environment (including articles, photographs, records of memoirs and forums, comments, etc.) are copyright objects within the meaning of the Copyright Law, the copying and distribution of which, without the written consent of the association “LRMA”, is prohibited. THE rights of use of digital media by THE association “LRMA” are set out in these rules. The user agrees with the use of applications or related services in accordance with this Regulation. THE association “LRMA” shall have the right to make amendments to this Regulation at any time. These revisions will be made available with relevant apps or services and will take effect at the time of publication.

General rules

1.1. Validity of the rules of use and amendments to the rules

1.1.1 The general rules apply to users of THE “LRMA” services and visitors to the portal.

1.1.2 The association “LRMA” is entitled to change the general rules in relation to the content and technical development of the sector, changes in regulatory enactments.

1.1.3 The amendment to the general rules shall take effect from the date of publication by the association “LRMA” on its home page.

1.1.4 If users of SERVICES of THE association “LRMA” or visitors to the website do not agree with the amendments to the rules, they shall be entitled to refuse to use THE services of the association “LRMA” within one (1) month after the publication of the regulations. If the user has not refused the use of the services within one (1) month after the entry into force of the regulations, the rules shall be deemed to be valid and the user has given his or her consent.

Accessibility of digital apps, services and their content

LRMA aims to ensure good and continuous access to its electronic applications, services and their content, but under no circumstances is it responsible for their availability at any time and does not exclude any possible disruption to their work.

THE “LRMA” association has the right to suspend access to its applications, services and their content at any time for technical or other reasons without prior notification to users. This means that THE association “LRMA” is in no way responsible for any inconvenience or damage caused by such interference. Such interference may not constitute a justification for obtaining compensation for the use of the paid application or services, a price discount or any other payment of cash compensation, unless such disturbance is the result of the deliberate and deliberate operation of the association “LRMA”.

THE association “LRMA” shall not be responsible for temporary or permanent damage or impairment which may result from the use of digital media and services of the association “LRMA”. First, THE association “LRMA” is not responsible for viruses or malicious software that can spread along with digital media or service.

Quoting THE “LRMA” material by the association

The place and author of the publication of the material to be quoted shall be indicated during the quoting of materials. Where citations are published on the Internet, a link to the source shall also be added to that.