WINDRUNNER Release Brand New Single “Sardonyx”

Starting the year right, Vietnamese progressive metalcore outlet WINDRUNNER are dropping their new offering, along with a guest vocal feature from Novelists FR frontman Tobias Rische–this is ‘Sardonyx’, released via Famined Records. 

The band states the inspiration behind the track’s lyricism: “In a world full of lies and distrust driven by power and money, people are dying from diseases, those surviving are distress and hollow.”

Staying true to their own description of their sound which they call “melodic groove”, Windrunner demonstrate their heavy and skillful mix of powerful riffs, heart-pounding percussions, with both scorching screams and moving, ethereal vocals.

Stream/purchase ‘Sardonyx’ here:

WINDRUNNER is a Hanoi progressive metalcore band formed in 2015 with 5 members, signed to Famined Records in the U.S. WINDRUNNER has gained success in the area with their unique sounds combining metalcore with Vietnamese traditional instruments, i.e., Dan Tranh (Vietnamese Zither/Harp), and Sao Truc (Bamboo Flute).

In 6 years, WINDRUNNER has released 1 full-length albums, 2 EPs, and 1 latest single released in November, 2019. Since then, WINDRUNNER has actively toured various places in Asia, such as South Korea, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Thailand, and has shared the stage with world leading metal bands, such as As I Lay Dying, Emmure, After The Burial, Attila, Secrets, Benighted, Hiss From The Moat, etc.

WINDRUNNER’s full-length album “MAI”, released in November, 2018, reached 1 million streams on Spotify, ranked high on many iTunes’ 2018 charts: 16th in American metal, 7th in Australian metal, 2nd in UK metal, 1st in Vietnamese rock. EP “SEN”, released in August, 2019, reached more than 1 million streams on Spotify, standing in top 100 in iTunes’ metal chart during its first month.

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