Vietnamese quintet WINDRUNNER is back on the scene with a brand new single

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Female-fronted Vietnamese quintet WINDRUNNER is back on the scene with a brand new single, and they’re taking no prisoners. Check it out on Dreambound.

With the new single comes also a new announcement: the quintet has found new members after vocalist Duong Bui and bassist Hieu Nguyen left over the Summer, and the single was the perfect showcase to introduce them to the fans.

Taking a page from their previous EP, “SEN”, which featured re-imagined and stripped down versions of their old tracks off of their debut EP, the guys and gals have taken a less heavy and more melodic approach to the new jams. However, old fans don’t need to fear, the typical groove that WINDRUNNER was known for is still there, and the single is the perfect taste of what’s to come, integrating the usual heaviness with some catchy vocal melodies.

Chuoi (bass), opened up about joining the band: The boys and girl in Windrunner and I have been great mates for a good decade, both in life and in music. They have always been the band I really admire in the scene for their industriousness, coolness, and musicality. It’s my real honour to be called in as their bassist, gonna be a fun path together”.
Nân (vocals), meanwhile, let us in on meaning of the song: “Heather is about being let down by the closest people/things when you feel like you need them the most. I was dealing with some difficult situations and things just kind of failed on me and the song portrays these frustrations and bottled up feelings. However, there was an important realization that it’s on me and I’m the one responsible for everything in my life, so it’s ok to experience all these emotions but in the end you have to learn from it and move on.”

You can purchase or stream the band’s newest single, “Heather”, here.

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