Venezuelan Doom-Death Metal Sensation STRATUZ Presents “Morning Star”

Revered pioneers of extreme metal Stratuz are proud to unveil their captivating new lyric video for “Morning Star.” The track, taken from their highly acclaimed album “Osculum Pacis,” showcases the band’s signature blend of arrangements, density, heaviness, and melancholy, all seasoned with a profound sense of darkness.
“Osculum Pacis” is due for release in CD format via Wormholedeath.

“Morning Star” symbolizes the first light of dawn, a reminder that spiritual enlightenment shines upon those who are ready. It represents Lucifer as the bringer of light and knowledge, challenging the traditional perception of fear. The band invites listeners to seek their own truth and understanding, urging them to awaken from the layers of lies that have been woven through time.

STRATUZ emerged onto the metal scene in 1984 and quickly solidified their position as Venezuela’s most revered metal band. Their debut album, “In Nomine…” released in 1995, catapulted them to recognition and acclaim. Following a triumphant European tour in 1999, they signed with LSP-Company and released “Spirit Seduction,” which marked a new chapter in their musical journey. After a hiatus, the band reunited in 2019, pouring their passion into the creation of “Osculum Pacis,” which was unleashed upon the world in 2022. The album garnered international praise, securing the top spot on the Jacquin Ravens Top 50 Metal chart and earning accolades as the best work of 2022 by esteemed journalist Roberto Palmitesta and Metal Pedia.

Stratuz continues to push boundaries with their unique brand of Doom-Death Metal, and “Morning Star” serves as a captivating glimpse into the darkness and beauty that awaits within “Osculum Pacis.” Stay tuned for more electrifying releases and updates from this formidable Venezuelan metal force.

The line-up of STRATUZ consists of Franklin Berroterán on voices and keyboards, Gerónimo Egea on guitars, Leonardo Rangel on bass, and Diego Cabrujas on drums. Together, they channel their collective musical prowess to forge a sound that captivates and enchants.

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