US Black Metal Duo DEATH SHROUD Returns With New Album “Parhelion”

Prepare yourself for the next sonic assault from Death Shroud as they unveil their latest masterpiece, “Parhelion.” The US Black Metal powerhouse is set to release their highly anticipated album on September 8th, 2023, via Wormholedeath. “Parhelion” promises to be their most mature and musically adventurous offering to date, further solidifying their position within the realm of extreme metal.

Founded in December 2007 in Blacksburg, Virginia, Death Shroud has been relentless in their pursuit of musical excellence. 

With five powerful albums, including the acclaimed “Pavor Nocturnus,” they have established themselves as a prominent force within the US Black Metal scene. 

In 2022, their fourth album “Death, Slavery and the pursuit ov Sadness” was re-released worldwide through Wormholedeath, increasing their international presence.

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