Toronto’s MY HOLLOW Release Cartoon Video ft. Bjorn Strid (Soilwork) “Fighting The Monsters”

Canada’s My Hollow have a new ep coming out entitled “Fighting The Monsters”, which they are anxious to unleash this year. Taking inspiration from modern death metal bands, they are continuously evolving and this forthcoming release from them is no exception. Last month they released their first single “Vultures” with a puppet music video and now they are ready to unveil the next single and the title track featuring Bjorn Strid from Soilwork with a cartoon music video.

According to the band, the song came together like peas and carrots. Guitarist Greg Gallagher wanted to write a song that had huge-sounding choruses and fast hard-hitting verses. He was aiming for a sound that a bigger variety of crowd may latch on to. The band continues to explain:

“We are honoured to have Bjorn Strid feature on one of our tunes, and he honestly completes the song. It was always one of our favourites for the new record, but it was missing that one extra piece. We dabbled with a few different ideas for the chorus before being in contact with Bjorn. With Soilwork being one of the universal influences between all the members, the decision was a no-brainer. We sent him the tune with the lyrics and told him to go nuts with it. When he came back to us with the sample, we were all floored!”

The cartoon video for the track plays into the whole story of Gallagher’s daughter’s view of what they were doing when they played shows and he’d have to leave town.

“Fighting The Monsters” shows mature growth from My Hollow, with the addition of keyboards, yet doesn’t deviate too far from previous releases, they are recommended for fans of Lamb of God, August Burns Red, and Fit For An Autopsy.

hollow: (1) a place or area that is lower than the area around it.
(2) an empty space inside of something.

The definitions of the word hollow describe My Hollow fittingly. With intense riffs and passages seamlessly giving way to lower, heavier parts in a lock-up, chunked out style with mutes leaving empty space in an otherwise chaotic sequence.

Based out of the Toronto area, My Hollow boasts a cast of independent metal journeymen, hungry to be heavier, tighter and more engaging with every song. Applying advice and drawing experience from performing alongside some of Canada’s biggest metal exports; The Agonist, Cryptopsy, Threat Signal, Beneath The Massacre among others. My Hollow as a whole can draw from a multitude of influences, not only from metal but from other genres as well, reflected in both their recorded releases as well as their live performance. Described by Danish webzine Power Of Metal as “five pissed off Canadians ready to tear my head off!” As well as “all the subtlety of a two-ton anvil slamming down on a set of pearly whites” by US based heavy metal blog, Heavy Metal Time Machine.

My Hollow has two official releases, 2012’s ‘Cold Dark Days EP’ featuring four demo versions of songs which were reworked and reimagined on 2014’s ‘On Borrowed Time’ full length release featuring My Hollow’s most refined and focused work to date.

Like any band, My Hollow has had its highs and lows. Being selected as a finalist for the annual Wacken Metal Battle Canada 2013 solidified My Hollow as one of Toronto’s, as well as Canada’s top metal acts and announced themselves to a broader spectrum of listeners. Although narrowly missing out on a spot to perform in Germany at heavy metal’s premier festival the experience proved to strengthen the bands resolve and galvanize their confidence in the process.

While the band’s recorded releases give the listener an idea of what My Hollow is about, the live performance is where My Hollow truly shine. “With a crushing wave of energy, and sound, My Hollow filled the venue with their effervescent presence. The lads never disappoint on stage,” is how Toronto based metal publication Metal Master Kingdom described their experience.

With a new EP “Fighting The Monsters”, which includes guest vocals from Bjorn Strid (Soilwork) due out in 2022 and an ever-evolving sound and live performance, My Hollow strive to become an ever-present staple in the Canadian and global metal scene and will stop at nothing to leave you hollow, and wanting more.

2022 – Fighting The Monsters (EP)
2020 – iSolation (Single)
2018 – And Now We Fall (Single)
2015 – On Borrowed Time (LP)
2013 – Cold Dark Days (EP)

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