“Time, the Valuator” Streams New Single “How Fleeting”

"Time, the Valuator"
"Time, the Valuator"
While the clock ticks and the countdown to the first Time, the Valuator album continues, the German progressive metallers have released yet another beautifully crafted and haunting track. Being so significant, “How Fleeting” inspires half of the album title and is premiering now via Dreambound, while you can pre-order the quartet’s debut full length here.

From the very first haunting notes of the song, where vocalist Phil begs for fans to not hold him back, to the very powerful ending, listeners cannot help but feel as if they too, are part of the journey the band has embarked on, also thanks to the apt video that accompanies the track. From the first single that saw the birth of the group, “Elusive Reasons” to the very last, vocally driven and instrumentally dominating single “In Control“, the band has grown and learned a lot, and they urge their fans to heed their requests, and follow into their footsteps, alongside them.

Fans of vocal powerhouses such as Periphery or Hands Like Houses, or for even more melody-driven listeners that enjoy DispersE and TesseracT, this Time, the Valuator single is bound to fit in whatever niche you’re willing to allow it into, and just like everything else the band has released so far, it is here to stay.

The man behind the guitar, Rene, shared the following about the track: “How Fleeting embodies the desire for ease in our busy and demanding world and as we give in to it all , we can easily forget to chase our dreams, numbed by instances that show us limitations. But there are none, we set those limitations ourselves. Life is fleeting and too precious to waste on negativity.
Don’t become stagnant.

Video credits are owed to Pavel Trebukhin at Tre Films (Alazka, Novelists, Stick To Your Guns) with Embark Audio (Sever, Light the World) tackling the mixing and mastering.

More about the band: “Create an impression, let your light shine, or leave traces,” with this vision, the German lineup “Time, The Valuator” was founded mid-2015. Holding vast influences from a wide array of different styles, they craft a sound of their own, blending atmospheric, catchy and heavy elements together, while taking absolutely no creative compromises. Through heaps of creative potential and disciplined working, Time, The Valuator strive to create something to remember.

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