The Finnish band GARDEN OF STONE have released the first single “Day of Discord” from their forthcoming debut album! 

PHOTO: Kalle Kervinen

The Finnish melancholic metal band Garden of Stone is set to release their debut album ‘The Grave Mistake’ on November 29th 2024 via Inverse Records.

Day of Discord” is showcasing the band’s newfound ferocity and aggressiveness in their songwriting. The brutal riffs and grueling screams are contrasted by a clean, melancholy section that ties the song to Garden of Stone’s roots. “Day of Discord” encapsulates the band’s growth as musicians, proving they are not afraid to push beyond the boundaries of their previously established genre. 

The band comments: 
“Lyrically the song portrays a dystopian world ravaged by war, where destruction and chaos are inevitable and omnipresent. It personifies conflict as a calculated force that consumes humanity, depicted through vivid and gruesome imagery. The lyrics highlight the futility of resistance and the dehumanizing effects of war, leaving nothing of value behind.” 

Garden of Stone is a melodic metal band that weaves together melancholic rock and heavy metal. From the band you can expect brooding atmospheres, beautiful melodies, and face melting riffs.

The band was formed in 2023 when guitarists Jere Mäntysalo and Ville Penkari recruited Jesse Salo to sing and scream for their project. Soon after, drummer Tapio Haverinen joined to keep the rhythm department in check. The group was completed when bassist Kalle Hänninen joined to govern the lowest frequencies.

Garden of Stone published their debut EP, Tides of Decay, in February of 2024. The band is showing no signs of slowing down, as they are gearing up to release an LP later in 2024 after a series of singles.

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