The biggest underground metal event cancelled for 2020

This year has been very challenging for all, including the music industry. COVID-19 forced shows, tours, and festivals to cancel or postpone. Here at the MUWW HQ, we have been holding back and hoping to get the event on stage this year. However, the situation remains dire and partly in respect for suffering countries and people, and partly because of restrictions we decided to cancel MUWW 2020. Now, fear not, we are already planning MUWW 2021. The format is still undecided but we hope to return to live events at some point.

2020 started very much in favour of MUWW. Metal Hammer UK rewarded our efforts of uniting the worldwide metal scene with a nice long feature. Furthermore, we left the 50 country mark far behind us – over 60 countries would have joined the MUWW movement this year. MUWW initiator Michael Lueders says he got very excited as this was his goal. “The more countries participate, the better”, Michael states. “MUWW is meant for virtually all metalheads on this planet.” Mozambique, Papua New Guinea, Mongolia… some rather remote countries had joined the movement in the last years with a great display of love for metal. Even Syria and Afghanistan became part of the initiative with an unforgettable concert in Damascus Bazar and a pyrotechnic loaded show in Kabul which would have made Rammstein jealous. “It is so great to see even the most hidden-to-the-world metal scenes coming out and celebrating together on MUWW days”, explains Michael passionately.

MUWW or Metal United World Wide includes everyone who wants to join this celebration. The only thing one needs to do is to organise a metal show on the date of MUWW. It is a collection of smaller and bigger shows, concerts, festivals, or even band practice. So far, this year has been challenging but by having things to look forward, obstacles are easier to overcome. Join us in looking forward to what is to come for MUWW in 2021. We’ll be back!

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