Technical Thrash Metal Band COMANIAC Presents The Music Video “None For All”

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Technical thrash metal titans COMANIAC are excited to reveal the official video for their title track, “None For All,” extracted from their critically acclaimed album. This highly anticipated CD release, slated for re-issue through Wormholedeath Records, will also feature two exclusive bonus tracks.

Brace yourselves for a sonic journey and stay tuned for additional details—more excitement awaits!

Formed in 2012, Swiss thrashers Comaniac gained acclaim with their self-released debut, “Return To The Wasteland,” crowned as “THE Thrash Highlight 2015.” The 2017 release, “Instruction For Destruction,” via SAOL, showcased growth, with tracks like “COAL” gaining international radio play and media attention.

Extensive touring ensued, supporting acts such as OVERKILL and METAL CHURCH. In 2018, they embarked on the “Kamikazee – The Spirit Of Japan” Tour, introducing a Japan Edition of their second offering through CAPTURED RECORDS. Following a 7-inch split with US outfit IRONFLAME and a 2019 European tour, 2020 brought their third album, “Holodox,” produced by Tommy Vetterli (CORONER), receiving critical acclaim.

In 2021, they toured Switzerland with BURNING WITCHES and played major metal festivals. The momentum continued in 2022, joining VEKTOR (USA) for the “Activate Europe 2022” Tour, performing 26 shows consecutively. Anticipation grew in 2023 with the announcement of their fourth studio album, “None For All,” and a deal with WORMHOLEDEATH. The album, set for a 2024 release, has already garnered attention from international magazines, praising it as their most mature work to date.

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