Sydney Metal Act VISUALIS Release New Single “War and Pain”

Australia’s Visualis proudly released the new single War and Pain. The single is an introduction to their upcoming new album that they are currently working on. It is their first release to feature their new vocalist TNT who joined them in November 2022. Visualis recorded War and Pain with Sam Bowker at the El Capitano Records in Wollongong. The song was mixed and mastered by Luis Echegollen (Metanoia Records, Mexico City) who they worked previously with.

Bassist Zoran about the single War and Pain: “We’ve played War and Pain at our gigs for a year now and the reception from the crowd has been very good. It is a proud metal number with an ongoing riff that repeats, a combination of growls and clean vocals and a lyrical theme of human destruction. The message is, regardless of how safe and secure you think you are, the place you’re at can erupt into war and chaos causing pain at any time.” 

Visualis formed in late 2018. They are a melodic metal band that aims to incorporate elements from several different Metal sub genres into their music, something that symbolises the band members’ varied musical tastes and cultural backgrounds. Visualis is constantly writing more songs, playing shows and looking to share their unique blend of Metal with as many people as possible.

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