Swedish Death/Groove Metal band FUEL FOR NIGHTMARES released their debut album “Implexion”

Swedish Death/Groove Metal band Fuel for Nightmares released their debut album «Implexion». The album was recorded in 3 different studios – “Studio R”, “Möller Productions” and “Dungeon of Stellsters Studio”. Mixed by T Möller and master by Jocke Skog and Lawrence Mackrory.

Fuel For Nightmares was formed in 2018 at Södertälje, Sweden as a project between Johnny Nymark (Guitars) and Mikael Hansen (Vocals). In the beginning the project was just for exchanging song ideas and was never meant for public ears but as the songs were in a pre production form the band members felt that the songs were meant for something bigger than a project. Soon after the release Lawrence Dinamarca joined the band as a drummer and Stellan Gunnarsson as a bass player and the lineup was completed.

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