SHATTERFACE Dropped debut EP “Anodize”

A fusion of the old and new is how Shatterface, from Sydney, Australia, have collated their new release, a four track E.P titled Anodize.

Under the category of “digital death metal”, Shatterface have produced a collection of music packed with distortion and effects, that combines industrial sounds with death metal riffs, furious rhythms and sincere lyrical themes.

The band wanted to package the themes of Anodize under a modern sounding, industrial inspired, fast-paced heavy metal assemblage. Their aim was to create an E.P. which holds its own right until the end, whilst showcasing an entire spectrum, where tempos drop, and more subtle, brooding emotions can be demonstrated.

Guitarist, Tim, says, “Anodize is the perfect title for this E.P. We are taking something that was already metal and changing it, coating it in something new and making it even shinier and harder than it was before.”

The idea to make a record that embodies metal as we know it, yet apply changes, is a bold endeavour, however Shatterface have commenced a path of uniqueness that is only going to continue to advance.
Lyrically, Anodize expresses themes directly inspired by the life experiences of Shatterface’s members, Rob, Tim and James; experiences of good, bad and ugly. Some of these include private battles that have, until now, been unspoken of. The record balances individual personal dissent and torments and is a blend of metaphors characterising the expression of some deep seeded agonies, colouring them with a background of a dark world inspired by popular sci-fi and movie culture. This leaves the listener wondering how much of Anodize is fantasy and how much is reality.

Anodize is self-produced by Shatterface; composed, recorded and mastered by the band using their own equipment with little to no outside assistance or support. It is a record marking the beginning of a fresh and dynamic take on metal, with a healthy dose of nasty brutality of course, and Shatterface are at the helm of this movement, leading the way.

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