SEVERALS are coming up with new single called LUNA

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Following a prolonged time period, Severals are coming up with new single called LUNA, which will be officially released on the 19th of January 2020.

Everybody has experienced a silent voice in his mind encouraging to act in an immoral and unlawful manner. It is ultimately up to ourselves whether we will give in and act in the latter fashion or resist, obey and act within good manners.

Single LUNA recorded by Severals deals with and contemplates such state of mind. The song itself comprises of melodic parts representing pleasant feelings, which then contrast to guitar riffs and rough voice representing violence, anger and aggression.

This new Severals’ single has been recorded in a modest studio called Pidgeon Army under supervision and guidance of Ronald Janeček. The mix and master of this single was conducted by producent Chris Kreutzfeldt.

In the videoclip, the audience can witness 4 storylines each representing a different matter. One can thus identify himself with either part of the story and come up with his own interpretation. The individual stories are interconnected by a beastly animal, which is regarded as the dark side of human mind and is present in each of the 4 plots.

The videoclip was recorded by very talented Václav Čtvrtník and directed as well as edited by the frontman of Severals, Dominik Fencl. The recording was held in several locations in the vicinity of Plzeň including the locations previously used in the Habitat videoclip.

This new release may be simultaneously considered as an announcement for the release of new album, which will be out at the end of this year.

Severals are preparing for the upcoming months with shows planned in both Plzeň and Prague. The exact dates have been posted on band’s official Facebook page.

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