“Sails of Serenity” Unveil Explosive “Shipwrecked” video

Sails of Serenity
Sails of Serenity
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Three weeks ago we excitedly announced the signing of the astounding Turkish progressive metalcore act “Sails of Serenity” along with the music video for their killer single “Left Behind”! The band has continued such momentum towards the release of their next single “Shipwrecked.”

“Sails of Serenity” solidify their heavy and in-your-face rampage mixed with melodic bliss identity on this new track. If you’re into the djenty deathcore intensity alike After the Burial or the progcore impact of Northlane, “Shipwrecked” is the perfect headbanger for you. The gut-wrenching piece was premiered by the talented writers at New Noise Magazine.

Vocalist Selim Devirek states about the song: “Lyrics to ‘Shipwrecked’ reflects how I was feeling during the writing session and I still am sometimes: sinking. At that time, all my goals and dreams seemed like they were going further and further away from me and I was really depressed to be unable to do anything about it. So I pictured myself as a sinking ship. It is written as a story told by a ship, torn apart by a storm, and is undertow. It sees its own parts floating and sinking but helpless to do anything. Eventually, it accepts its fate and lets itself hit the bottom. It accepts that it will always be torn apart as the closing line reads: ‘A shipwreck I will, I will always be’.”

The band’s upcoming ten song debut LP The Crossing includes the “Shipwrecked” single as well as previously released tracks such as “Left Behind,” “Castaway,” and “The Ghost Ship.” The album will drop worldwide on August 17th.

Sails of Serenity is a group from Istanbul, Turkey consisting of vocalist Selim Devirek, guitarist Sercan Alkin, guitarist Harun Sekmen, and drummer Alter Güven. Their musical style merges djenty grooves with catchy vocal melodies all packaged together in an aggressive metalcore package. The band has previously released the Gold to Rust EP and “The Bitter End” single in 2016.

Their upcoming LP, The Crossing, was mixed and mastered by Gabor Toth (Harmed) at Ghostship Recordings (Beyond Deviation, Swallowed Alive, Bloodbather). In addition to the guest appearance by Furtherial’s Başer Çelebi on previous released single “Left Behind,” the opening piece on the album will include orchestration by Eren Başbuğ (Dream Theater). The record will be available worldwide through Famined Records on August 17th, 2018.

You can stream the new single on iTunesGoogle PlayAmazon, and Spotify, or get your hands on bundles here.

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