SAILS OF SERENITY Drops New EP “Eternal Echoes”

Inspired by the struggle to sustain their creative process over different countries and long distances through the pandemic period and its aftermath, Turkey based modern metal outfit SAILS OF SERENITY‘s “Eternal Echoes” EP encapsulates a range of powerful songs with thought-provoking themes that delve into profound reflections on the society, the human psyche and the enigmatic journey of emotions while carrying the weight of these same distances and the yearning for connection. It captures the paradoxical nature of being dependent on an online existence to sustain the shared process of music making, while simultaneously feeling the sense of loneliness and detachment that comes with it. The personal heartbreak stories of the band members intertwine in the album’s heartfelt lyrics, forming a tapestry of shared vulnerability and emotional catharsis.

The opening track, “SHINE” takes a personal and introspective look into the mind of the isolated and the detrimental effects of the lack of meaningful human interaction. “daredevil” confronts the self in an act of autocriticism, reminiscent of the Freudian definition of insanity, as one repeatedly makes the same mistakes in love, hoping for a different outcome each time. In “DARK” we descend into the abyss of a wounded soul, taken over by inner hatred spawned from the scars of past traumas, exposing the fragility of the human spirit. Like the mythical bird itself, “phoenix” emerges as a tale of rebirth, a story of resilience and newfound strength born from the ashes of abandonment and despair. The instrumental track, “X” unveils a dystopian soundscape, painting a haunting picture of a techpocalypse, where ‘static’ echoes the fading remnants of humanity. “NOTUS” serves as a compelling call-to-action against xenophobia, challenging the perpetuation of induced hatred that reverberates through generations. “killthemisery” tells a heart-wrenching tale of unrequited love, where intense emotions are shattered when all hope seems within reach. Finally, “stars” describes the bittersweet acceptance of events that took an undesired turn by the mind that has grown weary of them.

Overall, “Eternal Echoes” is a deeply emotional and sincere album that traverses themes of isolation, personal growth, resilience, and the complex range of human emotions. It invites listeners on a journey of self-reflection, empathy, and ultimately finding strength in the face of adversity.

Formed in Istanbul, Turkey in 2013, Sails of Serenity is a 5-piece multi-national metal act. They expand the sound of current metal trends with unconventional powerhouse soundscapes of modern genres. In 2016, they introduced their first EP “Gold to Rust”. Based on the personal inner struggles of the band’s former vocalist, this debut aqcuainted the listeners with Sails of Serenity’s heact, progressive, yet captivating style.

The band followed with “The Crossing” in 2018, a concept album, which created an immersive world and took the listeners on a nautical journey along with them. The album caught the attention of a wider audience, which in turn allowed the band to perform internationally.

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