Russian Zombie Death Metal /Melodic Death Metal band “SMERDEAD” released their debut album “За Чертой”

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Russian Zombie Death Metal / Melodic Death Metal band “SMERDEAD” released their debut album “За Чертой “, that is available fore free streaming.
“SMERDEAD” was formed in 14 July 2018 in Siberia when the band members tired of searching for human brains and meat found a place where they can rehears and record their music.

01 – Между Двух Миров 
02 – Трупный Народ 
03 – Zombie 
04 – Дилемма 
05 – Zombie Dance 
06 – За Чертой 
07 – Фанатик 
08 – Мы Все Будем Гнить! 

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