Russian extreme melodic folk metal band PAGAN REIGN returns with new studio album “Art Of The Time”

Outstanding Russian extreme melodic folk metal band PAGAN REIGN returns with their new studio album “Art Of The Time”!

“Art Of The Time” is a monumental work dedicated to the art of creation and the accumulation of knowledge based on the age-old cultural archetypes of the harsh and mighty north.

The album reveals the theme of the infinity of art and time as mutually generative phenomena.

The art of the time is a universal process that underlies the human civilization. Creativity is timeless as a source of culture and development.

The music was performed in the familiar style with the abundant use of folklore instruments and the multi-layered construction of compositions typical of Russian classical music of the late 19th century.

The album received a completely new sound. Heavy guitar riffs are intertwined with the magical sound of flutes and mandolines, aggressive and clean vocals will delight a wide variety of fans of heavy music from black to progressive metal.

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