Power metal kings WINGS OF DESTINY are proud to release the track “Memento Mori”

Power metal kings WINGS OF DESTINY are proud to release the track “Memento Mori” via Wormholedeath / The Orchard.

“Memento Mori” is the 1rst single taken from the band’s upcoming self-titled album Memento Mori.

«Memento Mori» music was written by Anton Darusso and lead guitar player Andres Castro together in order to enclose and capture the raw emotion and neoclassical feel that reflects band´s power, showing band´s skills and transmitting raw and agressive modern power metal with a very unique style and sound. The song is about the actual meaning of the words «Memento Mori» — the simple reminder that we all gonna die soon and that we cannot think of ourselves as immortal beings, comparing often ourselves with God. It is a real introspection in personal fears and thoughts about Life and Death. The song sets the whole feel of the upcoming album that is a raw true metal, full of catchy melodies and deep & meaningful lyrics, interpreted by one of the best power metal singers on the scene today, accompanied by the absolutely amazing musicians. It is a statement from the band, no special guests this time, no ballads, just Wings of Destiny.

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