Norwegian Death Metallers NOXIUM FERUS Drop New Single & Video “Dickslapped by the Devil”

Norwegian Irriverent Death Metallers Noxium Ferus’ first offensive audio attack is the single called “Dickslapped by the Devil”.

This song is inspired by true events, unmentionable ones. It also presents the comeback of guest artist Jontho Panthera, Ragnarok’s drummer and leader, after more than 5 years away from the drumkit due to injuries. Jontho shares his lifetime of extreme-metal drumming experience with Noxium Ferus, to fulfill this wicked and twisted track. He also shares the mic with Espen on the last verse, adding demonic screams to the dark growls of Espen. Get ready- to be dickslapped by the Devil!

“Dickslapped by the Devil” was composed by Steinar Aven (guitar and bass), all lyrical and vocal arrangements by Espen Viking Dyngen, Guitars by Torgeir ‘Alvakien’ Espedal, and drums plus guest vocals by Jontho Panthera of True Norwegian blackmetal icons- Ragnarok . Mixed, mastered and produced by Martin Gravdal.

“Dickslapped by the Devil” is a track taken from the upcoming album BLASPHEMICON, due for release via Wormholedeath worldwide.

Brutally Hurtful, or Viciously Harmful, or Ferociously Obnoxious- take your pick! Noxium Ferus is the latin form of these descriptions, and the band is completely uncompromising in their musical identity and content. Call it Death metal, call it Black metal, call it extreme metal- it doesn’t matter, it is brutal, and it is any way they want it to be! This Norwegian metal act call their style “true Norwegian terror metal”, and have the slogan “metal with balls” as a subtitle to their name. Catchy and riff-based, with a more intelligible growling style than most average deathmetal, they present their audible horrorshow with offensive humour and strong antireligious content. This is not superficial and random, this is deep, dark and from a churchgoer’s view- pure evil.
What started out with simple rock’n roll and thrash metal influences, turned into something much darker and fiercer, under Espen Dyngen’s diabolical guidance and beastly growls.
Noxium Ferus is a band project created by sheer coincidence. Having been writing lyrics for many black and death metal bands since the early 90’s, but never having done any vocals attempts himself- in March 2018 Espen Dyngen made a half-drunk attempt to improvise some growling to one of Steinar Aven’s music projects. It all turned out surprisingly well, against all expectations (especially Espen Dyngen’s own) , and Steinar Aven managed to persuade Espen to start dedicating himself to this newly discovered vocal talent. And so new life was given to old songs, and Espen finally got to sing his own lyrics himself!
Steinar being busy with many other projects, asked Espen to run the new band and create its concept. And henceforth the logo, imagery, lyrical content, and whole identity of the band took form out of Espen’s dark mind. And Noxium Ferus was born.
Today Espen is running the band together with his trusted right hand, Torgeir ‘Alvakien’ Espedal, the new guitar player. Other members who have contributed are: Arne Gandrud (Massemord,Maosoleum of death), Ole Nic (Trelldom, Spitfire), Bjørn Beelzeböb Berge (Spitfire), Chris “The headhunter”Rygh. Steinar Aven is active in several other bands, like Nattverd (blackmetal), Chinbjer (blackmetal), Aventyr (hard rock), Steinras (blackmetal), Amazing assholes (hard rock), and others. So he is a busy guy.
Espen Viking Dyngen has been a part of the old Norwegian Black Metal scene since the early 90’s, but never as a musician until now. In the early days he was manager and promoter of Trelldom, and in close alliance with Gorgoroth. He also wrote lyrics and poems that were used by many different bands. His lyrics can be found on albums by Behemoth, Forgotten Woods, Ragnarok, Deathcult and Belphegor. He is now a regular part of the Belphegor blood family, helping Helmuth with lyrics, designs and stage artifacts. He designed and built Helmuth’s infamous micstand and blasphemic new sigil, and he created the iron crown and axes for Hoest’s sigil of Taake.
Noxium Ferus have recorded 9 songs, that are more or less finished, in a homestudio, and are working on a 10th track which will be the titletrack for their planned 1st album- BLASPHEMICON.

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