NIGHTFALL announce “Holy Nightfall – The Black Leather Cult Years” box set

Greek metal masters NIGHTFALL are now announcing the release of the ‘Holy Nightfall – The Black Leather Cult Years’ CD box set. It contains the band’s legendary albums: Parade Into Centuries (1992) + Macabre Sunsets (1993) + Athenian Echoes (1995) includes EP Eons Aura (1995) as bonus tracks + Lesbian Show (1997) + Diva Futura (1999) includes EP Electronegative (1999) as bonus tracks.

The box will be released on December 11 and can be pre-ordered HERE

Vocalist Efthimis comments: “Holy Nightfall – The Black Leather Cult Years. This box includes the complete discography of NIGHTFALL under the flag of the legendary Holy records. It is an amazing compilation of albums that well reflect the mood swings of the 90s. A period to be remembered for the golden hordes of new ideas and styles that were introduced to the world of Heavy Metal by restless youth who wanted to break the rules. It was the era of rejuvenation for Metal. We were there, we were part of it and in this box is our contribution. For the first time all these albums, in their original sound, the distinctive Greek sound that marked an entire scene, come together in a single limited edition. Fuck, I am thrilled.”

NIGHTFALL will release a brand new album early 2021.

NIGHTFALL have previously announced new European tour dates together with Draconian in March 2021!

It has been seven long years since the world was last blessed with new music from the melodic blackened death metal stalwarts of NIGHTFALL. While the band has been absent from the scene since the release of 2013’s Cassiopeia, their legacy has not been forgotten. Comprising the holy trinity of Greek metal – along with ROTTING CHRIST and SEPTICFLESH – NIGHTFALL was the first extreme act in the country to sign an international deal, introducing the world to the burgeoning Mediterranean scene in the early 90s. Now, the band is plotting a triumphant return.

During the first decade of NIGHTFALL’s lifespan, the band headlined stages across Europe. Thereafter, went on to dominate international festivals such as Brutal Assault, Sonisphere, and Wacken, the latter of which the band solidified their legacy as the first ever Greek band to earn an envied spot at the renowned festival. The band eventually made the decision to switch to a studio act before they went completely silent. When reflecting upon the sudden disappearance after a steady rise from the underground, vocalist and founding member Efthimis Karadimas explained that it was due to an all too familiar beast – depression. “It’s because of depression that kicked in as early as mid-00s. I can write for hours and get into details about stuff gone wrong or mistreated situations, but the basis of all discouragement to move on has been depression and the effort required to get over it.” Despite the dark days, Karadimas did not abandon music entirely, moving on to form THE SLAYERKING, a gothic doom metal band that has released two agonizing full-length records between 2016-2019.

Alas, the abrupt departure of the band was not the final “goodbye” as NIGHTFALL has been reinvigorated with a new lineup and coveted deal with Season of Mist. Karadimas has reunited with original NIGHTFALL guitarist Mike Galiatsos, who helped define the band’s sound during the early years. With the addition of drummer and producer Fotis Benardo (ex-SEPTICFLESH) as well as guitarist Kostas Kyriakopoulos (THE SLAYERKING), the band is finally ready to release the tenth studio album. In addition to the long-awaited new music, Season of Mist will also be re-issuing the band’s original albums that were produced by Holy Records back in the 90s. This is not the only news the band has to share as NIGHTFALL has also vowed to finally perform again. “We are gonna play these live, including stuff never played live before,” says Karadimas.

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