NECROFILIA announce “Thrash Tornado Tour”

The first time is never forgotten but also the second tour in the Baltic Republics promises to be memorable.  Necrofilia, the only active San Marino metal band with a history spanning over 20 years of concerts, self-produced albums and live performances throughout Italy, are ready to start in a few weeks for a mini-concert of headliner concerts that will lead them to perform at Riga and Vilnius on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 November.

The tour, called “Thrash Tornado Tour”, will see the Necrofilia divide the stage together with two indigenous bands – the Latvian Terror Activator and the Lithuanian  Alcotopia – on two evenings with high adrenaline levels, fun and musical involvement. For the San Marino band it will also be an opportunity to offer the audience of fans many new songs from the new album “rHELLigion”, released a few months ago, and third recording effort of the band born in 1996. From this work, the band also has stretch two video clips “Welcome to the Show” (already produced and online since the beginning of the year) and “Ballad of Death” (nearing completion and to be released in the coming weeks).

For the Necrophilia this minitour represents the icing on the cake on a 2019 to be framed that saw the band play over 30 concerts around Italy, participate in the second edition of the festival “Luppolo in Rock” (music festival staged in July in Cremona and to which sacred giants of rock and metal music have taken part as PFM, Metal Church, Dark Tranquility and Kamelot) and to perform abroad (besides Latvia and Lithuania, the San Marino combo had the pleasure of playing in France, Czech Republic and Slovenia).

“We can’t wait to leave for this second mini tour in the Baltic Republics – says Francesco Zazzi, singer, guitarist and founder of Necrophilia – last year in Lithuania and Latvia we received a warmth from the audience and an affection that has really moved. Hardly anyone had listened to us, but on each of the three evenings we saw a wonderful involvement between us and the audience, who loves this music as much as we love it. We take this opportunity to thank a whole series of people who believed in us and who sponsor and support our initiatives, I refer to the Draft – American slow dinner, the Matterello, the Rose’n Bowl Pub and to a dear friend who prefers to keep anonymity but is really by our side. I also take this opportunity to invite all San Marino music fans and not to rush on Thursday, October 31st at 10 pm at the Rose ‘n Bowl in Serravalle to attend our Halloween concert”.

Who are the Necrophilia

Francesco Zazzi (Voice / Guitar)
Daniele Zafferani (Basso / Seconda voce)
Claudio Sensoli (Battery)
Luca Urbinati (Guitar)

„Thrash Tornado Tour” is organized by „THP Production”

Show in Latvia, Riga will be at club Republika on November 8

Show in Lithuania, Vilnius, organized in cooperation with „Muzakas”, will be at club Narauti on November 9

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