Mexican Prog Metallers ANIMA TEMPO Release single “Deceitful Idols”

Anima Tempo hail from Mexico City, blending progressive and death metal with a unique twist. “Deceitful Idols” marks their next step after 2018’s Primal Symmetry and 2016’s Caged In Memories, continuing to bring an effortless blend of aggression and melody.

About “Deceitful Idols”

The main inspiration behind “Deceitful idols” were world cultures and the evolution, or lack thereof, of the human being though the years, in parallel with the development of the technology.

Our next album will be a crossover between different cultures, sounds and ethnicity, and this single is just a taste. In this case, “Deceitful Idols” is a mix of Asian music with very personal lyrics, dedicated to the arrival of the Spanish caravans and their conquest of the Americas, in particular Central America – where we write from.

The overall idea is to force reflection, and meditation, about whether we are on the way to developing and evolving, or not.”

You can stream or purchase “Deceitful Idols” here.

About the Act

Initially in 2005, guitarists Dante Granados and vocalist Gian Granados belonged to a progressive metal cover band called Caustica X obtaining some mild success and positive feedback around Mexico City. With that encouragement, in 2009, the duo decided to create an original project with their own material taking diverse influences from progressive and melodic death metal built over a cinematic orchestra – inspired by Hans Zimmer. A mixture of clear, harmonious and beastly growling vocals, passing through groove riffs matched with thunderous drums and bass in odd time signatures will leave you wanting. 

During the creative process of Caged in Memories, drummer Antonio Guerrero and bassist Pável Vanegas joined the band to complete the current alignment.

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