Metal United World Wide –  Szczecin

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On May 5 this year, the Metal Community will come together for a united event, Metal United World Wide. To overcome the distances between the widespread individual communities, shows will be organized in around 50 cities around the world on the same date under the united banner.

All continents (except Antarctica) are in. Canada, the US, Germany, Ukraine and Australia are probably the less surprising participants. The Central and Latin American countries as well as Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand and India should not come unexpected either. But how about Kenya, Zimbabwe and Gabon? And did you know that Papua New Guinea, Mongolia and Lebanon have a Metal Scene? Even war-torn Syria is planning to join the party with a show in Damascus. Currently 50 countries are participating and some others are considering to come on board as well.


Metal United World Wide –  Szczecin


BLÄKKEN (Szczecin, Poland – Bläkk/Death Metal)

Bläkken was formed in 2017 by Piotr Satora and Konrad Ardzijewski. Band recorded their first demo “Bläkk Blood” in May 2017 in Monroe Sound Studio in Grzędzice, PL. They play bläkk/death metal and debuted on stage on 30th of December as a supporting act for the legendary Vader.


TERMINAL PROSPECT (Stockholm, Sweden – Thrash)

”…Celebrating 10 years of thrashing, Sweden’s Terminal Prospect is back with new material! For new faces and old friends, the band sets out to launch its melodic, groovy thrash with raw energy. Don’t miss out!…”


WHAT’S LEFT BEHIND (Berlin, Germany – Metalcore/Melodic Deathmetal)

What´s Left Behind is a Metalcore-Band formed in Berlin in 2013. Propulsive grooves, massive breakdowns, and brutal riffs on a bed of spheric sounds paired with diverse shouts and occasional clean vocals define their musical style.
Doing everything from music-production over videos to show-organization themselfes, they are part of the German underground metal scene.
With their music, shows and stickers they are standig up against racism and for a better togherness and unity.

In 2016 they released their first EP, CAUSE & CURE and produced music videos for 3 of the songs. In the beginning of 2018 their new music video S.M.W.I.G. which is a metalcore version of the Pippi Longstocking title song, won the Golden Fox Award.
Currently they are working on their second EP which will be released in may 2018.

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