Metal United World Wide: Save The Date 2019

Metal United World Wide
Metal United World Wide

On 5 May, the biggest underground metal event with over 400 bands took place in 43 countries and 64 cities. It was a huge success with overwhelming impressions from metal communities all over the world. After this passionate display of love for the music and the community, there must be a second round of Metal United World Wide in 2019. Coordinating with so many countries (and possibly even more than in 2018), it is not easy to find consensus but 15 June 2019 has now been chosen for MUWWs second edition.

For those who would like to catch up on the shows they missed, we have compiled a youtube playlist with recorded live streams or videos from a range of countries. On our Facebook page, we shared a large number of videos, photos and reviews. Finally, the lists of shows, participating bands and partners can be found on our website

So on 15 June 2019, the worldwide motto of the metal community will be again:
United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

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