Metal United World Wide: Break the 300 Band Mark & Release Teaser Video

The biggest metal underground event world wide has passed the 300 bands mark. Yes, more than 300 bands will play at Metal United World Wide – to be exact 317 bands in 33 countries and 47 shows at the moment. There are still some more shows to come. A range of countries put on larger shows with 10-12 bands but Vladivostok (Russia)San Jose (Costa Rica) and Pasuruan City (Indonesia) are the biggest shows with up to 20 bands. Harare (Zimbabwe) and Naters (Switzerland) have the most intimate lineups with 2 and 3 bands respectively. This represents the very different settings of Metal United World Wide shows – some large, some small, a wild mix of genres and bands who are new in business or forever part of the metal scene. This diversity makes this project of the international metal community even more interesting – showing the many facets of metal.

List of shows
It’s not too late to join this epic showcase: United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

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