Melodic Hard Rock band WAKE THE NATIONS released a second single and music video “Bulletproof”

PHOTO: Janne Granfors

Finnish melodic hard rock / AOR band Wake The Nations released a new single Bulletproof. The track is taken from the upcoming third studio album Heartageddon which will be released on September 13th 2024 via Inverse Records

The band comments:
“We hope you all can still fall in love and feel it when being loved! Bulletproof is about a person who cannot… All is just physical, one-night stands, leaving the scene before the Sun rises again, and leaving the broken hearts behind. Too fast to love, my heart says I am bulletproof. If you cannot fall in love, your heart cannot be broken either. True or false? We let you decide, while Risto´s guitar gently weeps. This melody had been in Risto´s desk drawer a long time, so we felt it was time to let it out!!”

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