Melodic Death Metallers IMPACT APPROVED Drop “Voidgazer” Official Lyric Video

“Voidgazer” is a track taken from IMPACT APPROVED album “Into the Fray” out via Wormholedeath worldwide.

“Uwe composed “Voidgazer” in December 2018/January 2019. Back then, Uwe named the song “Lonely Wolf” as a project title. Philipp was inspired to write some lyrics in connection to this project title, so the general lyrical concept of “Lonely Wolf”/”Voidgazer” was hugely inspired by the epic Liam Neeson movie “The Grey” (by the way, Impact Approved first album´s title “Into the Fray” originates from the famous poem which is recited throughout “The Grey”). But somehow, “Voidgazer” sounded a bit cooler than “Lonely Wolf” and the lyrical concept had evolved a bit into an even more philosophical perspective (but still originating from the deep message of “The Grey”) about unpleasant truths about the meaning of life and that you´re supposed to never give up, no matter how bleak and desperate a situation might be. Try to stay strong! Always! And surround yourselves with people who want the best for you! Peace! //Impact Approved”

The band is focusing on new tracks which will follow the direction of “Into the Fray”, but lead into a wider musical horizon and metal genres like Djent, Math Core and Death Core will have an influence to the future sound and music of Impact Approved. Stay tuned!

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