MAKENA drops emotional new single “Habitual”

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Matching intense, melodic instrumentation with powerful cleans, Makena is always honest and open about sharing their vulnerable side in their music and lyrics. ‘Habitual’ is a very personal track–about vocalist Dom Cuzzo’s first-hand experience going through the tumultuous push-and-pull relationship that is substance abuse and drug addiction.

The following is what Dom Cuzzo has to say about the track: “These lyrics were probably the hardest I’ve had to write for this record because I had to reach back to a point in my life I’ve long since moved past, but we felt it was important to share this experience with the hopes that we can reach someone going through a similar circumstance. Musically speaking, this song is one of our favorites and one of the more energetic songs on the record that blends our old sound with our new sound tastefully.” 

With a new take on alternative music, Chicago natives Makena continue to increase their energy with every new release. The quintet are bringing the music scene a unique sound with exquisitely crafted songwriting. Makena is currently made up by the original members; Andrei, Dominic, Richard, Joe, and Steven. The 5 of them had played in previous bands before joining together to create something new and refreshing. Thus, with their lineup completed, the formation of Makena was born.

Their journey began June of 2018 with their debut single, ‘Better Days.’ Better Days managed to generate quite a bit of local buzz after being played on a Chicago Radio Station, Q101.1. Makena then set out to record their first ever EP with Producer Jordon Beal (El Famous, Divide The Fall, Marwood’s Fall). Their debut self-titled EP released on January 1st, 2019, kicking off the New Year with brand new music.The EP release show shortly thereafter at local Chicago venue, Schubas sold out. Alt Renegade said “it was like nothing you’ve ever heard before.”

What followed soon after was a week long East Coast/Midwest tour with a fellow local band, Capital Vices, landing them at an unexpected, impromptu show at a Wendy’s in Knoxville TN. The set was live streamed and the following morning had gone viral amongst the national alternative community.

Now, the band is back with Jordan Beal working on their sophomore EP.

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