The legendary “Pantheist” are coming to Lithuania for the first time ever

It has been a while since the last true doom metal concert took place in Lithuania. Vilko Promotions and Rock River club presents an event of extremely slow music featuring Pantheist, Woe Unto Me and TBA.

Pantheist – the flagmen of slow funeral doom metal from Great Britain. Surely there is no need to introduce the band to the fans of this genre. They have released 4 studio albums since 2000 and the 5th one will be presented in Lithuania on 28th of April. In the words of the band – 5th full lenght album brings them back to their roots – truly slow and heavy funeral doom metal. Even though Pantheist will be presenting the new album, fans of their old stuff will not be dissapointed either. There will be a good chunk of the old, cult songs.

Woe Unto Me – these neigbouring doom’ers from Belarus will not be visiting Lithuania for the first time. Their music transports the listener to a dark, cold and gloomy fall searching for its beauty. Their second album combines the sounds of both acoustic and electrical instruments into a truly unique fusion which we will witness live.

Vėlių Namai – a one-man band; a melancholic dark ambient/neo-folk project founded in 2006, in Prague. The project arose from solitude, the longing felt for Lithuania and the distinctive Baltic worldview. In the beginning, the project was heavily influenced by different funeral doom bands. Vėlių Namai welcomes you to experience the darker side of nature and existence. Through the trails of the spirits, to feel the other world shrouded in mists and mysticism, to visit your home that lies beyond.

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