LAMORI Embraces Eerie Depths With Their Latest Single “Ave Valkyria” From The Highly Anticipated Album “Neon Blood Fire”

Gothic rock/ metal heralds LAMORI are proud to release their newest single, “Ave Valkyria.” This bewitching single is an integral part of their upcoming album, ‘NEON BLOOD FIRE.’

Ave Valkyria” transcends conventional musical boundaries, drawing listeners into the captivating embrace of enigmatic forces, entwining elements of industrial sound with the band’s signature gothic rock roots. The track stands as a poignant tribute to the mystique of mortality and the allure of omnipotent power, offering an immersive experience beyond the mundane.

This single includes the band’s previous hits like “Insomnia,” “Valley of Great Dismay,” “Requiem,” “Dark Messiah,” “The Eye of The Storm,” and “Never Alone,” making it a must-have collection for their fans.

LAMORI is hailing from the Aland Islands of Finland. Formed in 2009, the lineup has remained unchanged. However, their sound continues to evolve with each release.

NEON BLOOD FIRE, the band’s fourth album to be released by Wormholedeath, will refine the soundscapes heard on the 2020 released NEO NOIR, but also introduce completely new elements to the mix. This album will have some of the heaviest LAMORI songs ever heard!

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