KING OV WYRMS have awoken to release their debut album “Lord Ov Thornes”

Arizona’s King Ov Wyrms have awoken to release their debut album “Lord Ov Thornes” and it is nothing short of an aural assault of pure mayhem.

The album will be received well by people who sit on both sides of the fence when it comes to modern and old school style metal. It is able to keep up with the demands of modern metal in terms of production, and level of intensity, but has very blatant nods towards Morbid Angel and Bloodbath worship.

Michael Sanchez, the man behind the music says he wants to give people an outlet for their aggression, hatred, depression, or any overwhelming feeling.

The first single “Threnody” is a simple straight forward grinding beast of a song. According to Sanchez, out of all the songs on the album, this one took almost no effort to finish; everything just fell in place and made its own statement as to spearheading this album and arguably the band. He goes further into his explanation of the album: 

“’Lord Ov Thornes’ is an album that to me attempts to bridge a gap between the earliest forms of death and black to a more modern approach of metal production, almost like taking Morbid Angel’s “Formulas Fatal To The Flesh” and mashing it with Sulphur Aeons “Gateway To The Antisphere”. These brutal compositions that have been in the works for several years are finally ready to surface from their grim depths and inspire a new wave of death metallers.”

Overall, this album is just a massive testament of death and black metal worship, It’s filled with aggression and dark emotion heralding Satanism and self-destruction. Sonically it’s an assault of pure hatred and power which was Sanchez’s wholehearted intent to deliver something that just burns with hatred.

Recommended for fans of Morbid Angel, Bloodbath, and Enthroned, the single “Threnody” is available for download on and stream on YouTubeSpotify.

The debut album “Lord Ov Thornes” comes out on November 20, 2020.

King Ov Wyrms is homage to classic death and black metal acts of the late ’80s/early ’90s with a touch of modern aggression.

Formed in Tucson, AZ. King came from the want of a more aggressive act when the main band of Michael Sanchez, Pain Patterns, started taking its roots in early 2015. He loved the music he was creating but felt that the band couldn’t fulfill his desire for a purely aggressive musical venture.

The project went through many different lineup changes only to be consistently held together by Sanchez. Having studied classical music and jazz to a degree while growing up, it gave him the tools to write comfortably on his own even in the concept of metal music. He starts out with a basic riff or a small melody line off of a piano and just adds on and on until it manifests into some sort of abomination of sound.

In early 2020 upon Sanchez’s departure from the power metal act Judicator, he decided to pull King out of hiatus but only as a solo effort to produce a full-length album. Over the span of several months, Sanchez was able to completely record all of the songs previously written for King as a full lineup, this time all the music was performed and written solely by him.

King Ov Wyrms will release its debut album “Lord Ov Thornes” on November 20th, 2020, and it will feature lyrical themes encompassing the occult, and a deep love for Lovecraftian horror.

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