“Kaosphere”: Gold Coast Metal Band Unleash Self-Titled EP

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Australian metal band Kaosphere released their self-titled EP last Friday (13 April). The official EP launch was at Snooker World in Australia’s Gold Coast and which marked also the start of their Australian Chokehold Tour. The EP was premiered by Overdrive Magazine.

“The EP has its roots in traditional metal with strong vocals backed by grooves and riffs”, explains vocalist Ricci. “It is a style we are continuing to develop but never venturing too far from the streets. We are looking forward to our Tour in 2018 and keen to meet our fans. See you all in the pit!”

Kaosphere is a five piece metal band from Australia’s Gold Coast. The guys have started the band in 2015. In March, they released their single and official video “Chokehold” which is also the name of their upcoming tour starting today.

The EP is now available at iTunes.

1. The Beginning
2. Brothers In Arms
3. Slay
4. The Middle
5. Chokehold
6. Forsaken Shadows
7. The End

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