Japanese Progressive Rock Discovery KPRO Present “Rebels”

“Rebels” is a track taken from KPRO’s self-titled album “Kansai Progressive Rock Orchestra”, due for release on October 14th, 2022 via Wormholedeath worldwide.

The band speaking of the album:

“A tale of a rebellion to the world where alternate space and alternative time cross paths and a journey back to the present. This is an unprecedented group of songs that mix odd time signatures, mode, jazz, and hard rock. Fantastic melodies are played by five unique musicians who incorporate irregular instruments such as keyboard harmonica and sticks. Why don’t you lose yourself in the breathless development of the music.”

Formed in 2017 by progressive rock musicians based in Kansai, Japan. The band released its first album on a Japanese JPRG label in 2020, gained worldwide recognition on social networking sites, and they will re-release their first album via Wormholedeath in 2022.

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