JamArt Drops 3rd single “Floors” from upcoming Album “OmiNoUS”

JamArt, the dynamic alternative metal project led by the visionary Ersh On, will pull all your heart strings with their latest single, Floors, from the highly anticipated album, OmiNoUS which is scheduled for release on February 23rd. Floors is out now and showcases the band’s unique ability to blend infectious tunes, relatable narratives and heavy riffs.

JamArt’s sound continues to expose itself with every single, and Floors exemplifies another piece of their innovative and unmatched craft. The brainchild of Ersh On, JamArt creates music that reflects life experiences and resonates in the deepest pits of your heart and soul to evoke powerful emotions.

The band’s versatility shines through as they ingeniously explore multiple musical styles while staying true to their distinctive brand, establishing them as an unparalleled force in music and art. JamArt maintains a rigorous recording schedule, ensuring a steady flow of music for their dedicated fanbase. With big goals and an abundance of energy, JamArt is on a mission to positively influence society through their music. For fans of Devin Townsend, Opeth and Slayer, JamArt’s commitment to delivering a unique and authentic musical experience has positioned them as one of the most phenomenally distinctive acts of our generation.

JamArt invites music enthusiasts and metal aficionados to experience the power and innovation of OmiNoUS on February 23rd and get a taste of what’s to come with Floors. These releases mark the next chapter in the band’s evolving narrative, promising a sonic journey that transcends boundaries and leaves an indelible mark on the world of music.

Floors is a tribute to our fallen friends and family whose mental pain was never understood or treated enough. The magnitude of some hurts will never be understood.

A lot of people out there might have an idea about what home is, but can’t reach it no matter how much effort they make to build it, raise families, and work hard – the home factor is still missing. People leave them. They’re made to feel that they aren’t good enough and end up all alone, when they’ve already given up the best part of themselves. They don’t have the energy or capability to do it all again.

Unappreciated, neglected, discarded souls that have nothing left to give.
Some may say they are a coward or looking for the easy way out by suiciding, but it’s not the easy way out. It takes more courage than anyone could ever imagine to suicide, or to attempt to take your own life. Some people take their own lives because they have nothing left and they feel they are nothing to anybody. Others may take their own life because they can’t ignore the voice in their head. Whatever the reason, we will never truly know their last thoughts and last moments or the weight of the problem that was on their shoulders.

Floors is a message that needs to be shared, particularly among men who represent the highest demographic for suicide in Australia. Know that You are not alone.

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