Italian Duo Blacks0n release new single “Unfocused”

While 2020 has most definitely not been kind on anyone, and quite frustrating and miserable for others, Italian duo Blacks0n have decided to channel the anger, frustration and overall unhappiness of the situation in a new single.

The video was filmed while in lockdown, as Italy was, initially in the year, one of the hardest-hit countries when it came to the virus, so Andrea had to make do with what he had: a dark room. Ironically enough, that fit perfectly with the themes and vibes the song eventually ended up portraying. And while Andrea (vocals) and Andrea (instrumentals) could’ve easily decided to be mad at the world, they chose to point the finger towards themselves, in a way, and do some soul searching, to bring “Unfocused” to life. 

Vocalist Andrea gave us a glimpse into what prompted the single: “As humans we tend to think about concepts that are bigger than us, that we can’t grasp. And when we can’t fully understand them, we force them to fit our own vision, we humanize them and confine them into a box for our easier understanding. When things aren’t going the way they should, we always want to be the change, be superior, all-knowing and first in line, but we also don’t want to get our hands dirty so we don’t do anything to better our situation. We complain about that, end up bitter and tired, and don’t realize that we’re the reason for which things aren’t changing: virtuous thoughts and the will to change aren’t enough if we don’t act upon either, and we end up stuck in a vicious cycle. So, as the song says, we really are the creators of this plague”.

Blacks0n is an idea born from the minds of Andrea Prati and Andrea Tinelli (ex Damned Spring Fragrantia) with the intention of being a shelter for those who are experiencing phases in life characterized by reflexivity, sad thoughts, revenge, will to redeem. Everyone has a repressed Blacks0n within and has to cohabit with him. It’s been born from delusions and failures, for every door slammed in the face, every knife in the back, every bitter taste of defeat. Our goal is to gladden this Blacks0n with our music and to generate a sort of romanticized view of failure. With our music we address those who see Failure as the ultimate arrival of our sincere being, appreciating not the winner but the vain sacrifice of those who have done their best without success. Welcome to our stream of consciousness, have a swim into our sea. Welcome to Cry For Inspiration.

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