Italian alternative metal band STOLEN DREAM release “Inhuman Race” playthrough

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Italian alternative metal band STOLEN DREAM release “Inhuman Race” playthrough.

Inhuman Race” is a single released on February 7th by the italian alternative metal band STOLEN DREAM, with over 16,000 plays on Spotify.

  • Stolen Dream is a project realized at the end of 2017 by Filippo Bighelli (Guitar and Backing Vocals) and Damiano Hinegk (Drums). With the end of another musical project that had the intent to give vent to their creativity, they decided to start a new path called Stolen Dream with Leonardo Cauzzi (Lead Vocals and Guitar) and Giacomo Spada (Bass).
  • Their works are influenced by the modern Metal/Alternative scene, without overlooking sounds present at the beginnings of these genres.
  • 2018 marks some important milestones for the band: In May they won the first prize of “Krenkan Rock, in August the category Original Band Under 22 of “Invasioni Sonore” and in September they’re decreed winners of “Invasioni Sonore”.
  • In November 2018 they debut with the namesake EP, which is distributed on all major online streaming music platforms.
  • 2019 was a decisive turning point year for the band in the search for their identity within the music scene, during which they sign a contract with the “Orion Agency“. They also decide to embrace environmental issues, trying to convey the message to the public through the new songs that are still being written and of which it will be possible to listen to the first single, whose publication is scheduled for the beginning of 2020. To characterize this new ideological turn, they have decided to adopt as official outfit chemical suits and anti-gas masks, trying to sensitize the community about the consequences of pollution.
  • In 2019 the band created the “Don’t WASTE It”, a garbage collection initiative with the aim of giving the city of Verona a new face and to encourage anyone to get to clean it.

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