International Progressive Doom/Post-Metal band VAROSHAN released their debut album “…and Then The Rains Came”

International Progressive Doom/Post-Metal band Varoshan (FI/DE/UK) released their debut album «…and Then The Rains Came» in early 2022. Their interesting blend of different genres and styles of slow and depressive music has been welcomed with critical acclaim to the doom and sludge communities. The release was recorded and mixed by Anders Bomberg (beside the drums which were recorded by Anders Törnqvist), and mastered by Teemu Aalto known from his work with Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum and Marianas Rest.

Varoshan was formed in 2019 to create slow-burning doom metal, but gradually shifted into its current shape as the musicians involved brought their flavor to the mix. The musicians are geographically divided to Helsinki (Finland), Berlin (Germany) and Leeds (UK) and have been parts of their respective scenes for a long time, with a wide variety of bands and projects on their CV’s such as Hundred Year Old Man, Lost in Tears, Bob Malmström and Final Assault.

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