INSANITY ALERT release new single and announce “Shredator” skateboard

Austria’s crossover thrash formation INSANITY ALERT are teaming up with Koloss Skateboard for the release of the ‘Shredator’ skateboard.

Bonded by a beerdrinkin’ pact of thrash and skate, the band pitched the idea of a skater version of the great 80s Schwarzenegger movie “The Predator” to Koloss Skateboards and the rest is history. James Callahan a.k.a Barf Comics, who also created the artwork for INSANITY ALERT‘s album ‘Moshburger’ drew a perfect version of the ‘Shredator’. The skateboard is available at Black Heaven Shop along with a limited edition white flexi vinyl and merchandise. 

INSANITY ALERT comment:“The world is a shitty place right now, full of misery, diseases, facists, hipsters and longboarders. But there is hope. The saviour of justice and reason is about to come. So bow down to the promising super hero of our time. Beware of THE SHREDATOR.”

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