INSANIDADE release “RockLab”, live project features 4 tracks with a fusion of hard rock and proto-punk

Insanidade has just released live material in the live session format, with 4 songs from the album “Dogs of the Subway” which was released in March this year. “Dogs Of The Subway” brings a fusion of hard rock, proto-punk and echoes of Motörhead generating a direct, dirty, noisy but extremely well-executed sound. A true celebration of rock’s original danger! The material was produced at Rock Lab Studio in Anápolis, directed by Rogério Almeida.

“Dogs Of The Subway” is Insanidade’s fourth album and third studio album. The album has nine tracks featuring practically all band influences, sounds ranging from traditional Rock n Roll, Punk to Hard Rock. Despite the band mixing almost all of its influences, it is an album based on Rock n Roll drinking from the source of The Stooges and MC5.

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