Indian heavy metal band “AGAINST EVIL” released Album and Official Video feat. JEFF LOOMIS

Indian heavy metal band “Against Evil” first enthralled listeners when they released their debut ‘Fatal Assault’ on the Indian sub-label of Transcending Obscurity. Three years later, they conjure up enough material to release their debut full length titled All Hail The King which includes their famous song Stand Up And Fight! whose official video went viral in these parts. Their artwork has once again been made by the Croatian artist All Things Rotten (Hirax) and for the first time, there is a guest appearance by Jeff Loomis (Nevermore, Arch Enemy). No stone has been left unturned here in delivering a high quality, anthemic heavy metal album that would hold appeal to just about any metal fan. This here is honest-to-goodness music from a region that still loves its metal the old school way.

The band released their second album titled All Hail the King on April 6th, 2018 independently. Sentenced to Death is Against Evil’s official video which was released shortly before the album on 26 March.

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The “9 track” full-length album is being well received worldwide with some of the top rock / metal websites, critics calling it:

Metal Nation: “The album is a mission statement calling us all to battle, and based off the quality of the songwriting, the clean sound, and the well executed performances, it’s a declaration worth listening to”

Head-Banger Reviews: “Against Evil only increases their quality and badassery tenfold with All Hail the King as they once again bring glory to the world of heavy metal!”

Dead Rhetoric: “Against Evil with All Hail the King could be one of the best newcomers for 2018 in this space – raising fists and vying for backpatch approval on jackets worldwide”

Grizzly Butts: “Their second full-length ‘All Hail the King’ stretches its sphere of influence with an overall gain in speed metal, epic heavy metal, and shred metal influences going so far as to feature Jeff Loomis on “Sentenced to Death”. With a new found heaviness, an appreciation for heavy metal history, and militantly practiced skills Against Evil make notable contribution with All Hail the King”

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