Icelandic metal act MYRMANN release new album “Pagan Rituals”

Pagan Rituals” is Myrmann second solo album, Much heavier than the debut solo album “Tranquility”. The new album is a mixture of Modern and old school metal, with focus on roughness, heavy riffs, blasting bass drum, soaring guitar leads and some eighties influenced guitar solos. A narrative that touches on varieties of different styles of heavy music, like heavy metal, thrash metal, and even little black metal and melodic death.

The storyline revolves around paganism, the rituals and the earthbound mindset it evokes in general. Both solo albums are instrumental soundscapes from the artist. Myrmann plays all instruments except the drums that are programmed. mixing and all productions are by Myrmann. Myrmann is also the driving force behind the Icelandic metal act Sorg.

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