HIEROS release EP “Triduum”

Untamed Land mastermind Patrick Kern launches melodic black metal band HIEROS with the launch of a crushing debut EP “Triduum”. Inspired by a desire to write aggressive and riff-driven high-tempo black metal rather than the Spaghetti Western themes found in Untamed Land, Hieros expertly combines influence from Hellenic and Eastern European black metal with purely authentic traditional American metal overtones to create a sound utterly unforgettable. Indeed, hints of both doom and sludge metal can be found tastefully blossoming from the melancholic macabre creation that is Hieros’ “Triduum”.

Full album released worldwide and can be purchased on Bandcamp.


The music of Hieros is inspired by both ancient religions and spiritualities. Lyrically, “Triduum” explores topics relating to metaphysics and spiritualism, drawing ideas from world religions to create an overall atmosphere of spiritual mysticism that provokes contemplation of the unknown and intangible. The EP is appropriately entitled “Triduum” in reference to the Easter Triduum. Through this atmosphere that Kern creates, Hieros strives to immerse listeners in an unrivalled symbological and psychological ritual.

Triduum” is a three-song EP clocking in at just under 17 minutes and wastes no time in delivering an unforgettable sonic excursion with songs that will easily become the next anthems of headbangers worldwide. The album art was created by Mudhut Illustration, a well-known artist for psychedelic interpretations of biblical stories. Together, Kern and Mudhut Illustration created a visual representation of the triparte EP. This combination of auditory and visual art creates a transformative illusion that unfolds before the listener across the course of the EP.

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