Helsinki based modern death metal band POST PULSE releases their second album

PHOTO: Tuuli Heinonen

Helsinki-based modern death metal band Post Pulse has released their second full length album “Return to the Halls”.

‘Return to the Halls’ represents a bold leap for modern death metal, blending its signature intensity with diverse musical influences in all the right ways.
‘Return to the Halls’ is a testament to Post Pulse’s evolutionary journey. It marries aggression and beauty in a way that challenges and captivates listeners.
“Antti [Karhu] ‘s vision for this record was so inspiring that we decided to break away from seven years of releasing singles and EPs to ensure it would come to life. The music on Return to the Halls is different from anything you may have heard from Post Pulse over the years. Hell, one listen through the new single Taste of Freedom will show you that we’ve got much more to offer the world.” -Sam Roon, Bass & Synths
Inside ‘Return to the Halls’
At the heart of this album lies “Taste of Freedom,” a song that epitomizes the band’s push towards a more expansive sound.
“Even the writing process for this album was unorthodox. The main ideas were written on guitar, and later arranged for various instruments, parts and sounds. The focus isn’t on individual parts, allowing the songs to present the energy and emphasis. We had a clear vision of what we wanted the songs on this album to be. For example, we wanted a two and a half minute song, so we wrote it.” -Antti Karhu, Guitar & Programming.
The album’s creation was a shared journey of exploration, drawing from the band’s eclectic tastes to forge something unprecedented.
From the sheer power of death metal to the nuanced touches of EDM and ambient jazz, ‘Return to the Halls’ celebrates musical curiosity and innovation.
This collaborative effort highlights the limitless possibilities of music when approached with openness and creativity.
Cultural Impact of ‘Return to the Halls’
With ‘Return to the Halls,’ Post Pulse ignites a dialogue on the role of music within our culture. It asserts that music transcends mere sound to become a collective experience that brings people together in a time when we are so easily divided.
“This world is a relentless, overflowing cesspool of political and religious vomit that successfully divides and pits us against one another. Post Pulse aims to counter that by standing side-by-side with those who understand that there’s more to life than what divisive influencers sell us. We have music. Post Pulse doesn’t care if you love country music, rap, black metal or iskelmä. Your love of music is why we welcome you with open arms.” -Sam Roon
The album embodies the band’s ethos of defiance and unity, championing music as a force for communal values and personal liberation.
‘Return to the Halls’ serves as a call to action for listeners to embrace curiosity and tell their own stories without fear of judgment.
About Post Pulse
Post Pulse is a Helsinki-based metal band motivated by a deep-rooted connection to the culture and unifying force of music.
After more than seven years of releasing singles and EPs, May 31, 2024, marks the release of Post Pulse’s second full-length album, ‘Return to the Halls’; a Death Metal album inspired by atypical genres like Pop, EDM, and Ambient Jazz.

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