HELL MILITIA to release new album in 2022

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French underground black metal band HELL MILITIA will return with a new album after nearly 10 years of silence. The band’s previous release ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ was released in 2012. The new record will be released via Season of Mist Underground Activists in the first half of 2022.

The band comments: “Hell Militia is back! The new album is a bitter reflection of the years that have passed since the release of Jacob’s Ladder. Always the same, but spiralling out of control into more extreme situations. The new album is the result of bitter days,an even more bitter aftertaste, fanatic unshakable religious faith and urban filth resulting in a toxic cocktail.

Fuck your world and everything in it.

HELL MILITIA are back with a vengeance!

Since its founding in the year 1999, the band has been a rising dark star in the underground Black Metal scene. Now their fourth full-length is about to burst unto the world like a black supernova. The French masterfully achieve a unification of old school values such as a harsh and fierce yet accessible songwriting with the new dissonant and ruptured sound which is especially explored in their homeland.

After recruiting like minded spirits HELL MILITIA unveiled themselves first with the split “SPK Kommando” (2001) and a demo named “The Second Coming – Reh” (2003), which won them a record deal. The debut album “Canonisation of the Foul Spirit” (2005) gained the French international attention and critical acclaim. As members of HELL MILITIA were also active in bands such as ARKHON INFAUSTUS, SECRETS OF THE MOON or TEMPLE OF BAAL, their next output appeared after a hiatus of five years.

“Last Station on the Road to Death” (2010) proved to be a success as well as their tours with the likes of ARCHGOAT, BEHEXEN, BLACKLODGE and AOSOTH. This fueled the band’s vision both musically and visually as indicated by the inclusion of a VJ as a permanent member in their line-up. The release of “Jacob’s Ladder” strengthened HELL MILITIA’s position as one of the leading bands in the French Black Metal scene and was followed by several tours in Europe and the US, as well as multiple festival appearances.

After a few years in turmoil and adding some fresh blood into the band, HELL MILITIA is now back with the harsh new album. Taking a much more aggressive stand on this album, the band is now ready to unleash this bitter monument upon the world. The universe of HELL MILITIA smells of urban filth, unshakable religious faith and an extremely bitter after taste.

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