Hautajaisyö to celebrate their 10th year anniversary with re-releasing their first recordings with bonus tracks

PHOTO: Sami Kettunen & Kuvauksellista Valoa

Hautajaisyö (Funeral Night) are 10 years old this year. To celebrate, they are re-releasing their first recordings with some bonus material through Inverse Records.

The re-release includes two songs “Uneenkuiskaajat” (Dreamwhisperer) and “Päänsärkijä” (Headbreaker) from the band’s debut album in an original promo mix. As a bonus you get unreleased intro song “Kuiskaukset” (Whispers) and different version of the song “Köysi” (Rope), which was released on the 2016 “Three Screams of Insanity” split tape.

This is not the only release for 2024, as the new “EN MURRU EN TAIVU” EP will be released at the end of the year, on which the band will re-record three songs from the first album and one song from the demo sessions. 
These releases should tide listeners over until the band’s forthcoming fifth album, which they are currently composing. 

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