Hämärä Unveils Lyric Video for “Isolation” from the Album “Ivory Tower”

Melodic Metal band Hämärä has released a brand new lyric video for their hit single “Isolation” from their album “Ivory Tower”, re-released worldwide via Wormholedeath.

“Isolation” is a powerful and thought-provoking single, it depicts the inevitable cycle of life and death, and the struggle to come to terms with it while feeling alone and disconnected from society. The band delivers a heavy, dynamic performance that combines fast-paced guitar riffs and pounding drums with melodic & harsh vocals, creating an intense and unforgettable listening experience.

Hämärä was formed in Castle Rock, Colorado U.S. in 2006 by Aaron Schug (Rhythm/Lead Guitar/Vocals), Joshua Ruff (Bass/Lead Vocals), Luke Ruff (Drummer), Tony Molieri (Syths/Keyboard) and Kent Johnson (Rhythm/Lead Guitar). These musicians were deeply rooted in Scandinavian melodic metal and American metal.

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