GRAVE DESECRATOR Shares New Video for “Temple of Abominations”

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Cult Brazilian black metal horde GRAVE DESECRATOR has shared the official performance video for the song, “Temple of Abominations,” which is taken from their 2016 release, ‘Dust to Lust.’ The footage was filmed during the band’s performance at Satan’s Revenge Fest in Rio de Janeiro in 2018 as part of GRAVE DESECRATOR‘s “20 Years of Desecration Tour.”

‘Dust to Lust’ has been championed as “a morbid and malignant swarming of black and death metal — but one that holds a slow, funereal melody within its spiked grasp, as well as an extended guitar solo that spreads a viper-like poison” (No Clean Singing) and is streaming here. The album can be streamed HERE.

Founded in 1998 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, GRAVE DESECRATOR have established a reputation as one of the most savage and brutal South American metal bands through the release of two full-length albums and several well-received splits (including much sought-after splits with ARCHGOAT and BLACK WITCHERY). Adhering to the extreme ways of their predecessors in Brazil, GRAVE DESECRATOR are true torch bearers of the underground, firmly placing themselves among the ranks of entities such as SARCOFAGO, early SEPULTURA, and MUTILATOR.

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