German Melodic Death Metal band ONWARDS TO ZENITH released their new single “Inner Strength”

German Melodic Death Metal band Onwards to Zenith released their new single «Inner Strength» from the band’s upcoming debut EP. The release was recorded by Niklas Knaack in “Reflexion Studios”, and mixed/mastered by Daniel Keller in “411 Studios”.

Onwards to Zenith was formed in 2022 in Saarbrücken, Germany by Francesco Grillo (guitar), Yannick Seinsoth (guitar), Tobias Anton (drums) and Niklas Knaack (Bass and Vocals) who are all well experienced musicians, having played in various metal bands before. In 2023 they were joined by guitar shredder Christian Collet with Yannick switching to bass and Niklas focussing just on vocals to improve their powerful live performance even further.

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